Initial idea phase

Project phases
Project phases

Work in this initial phase is not primarily about solving the technical challenge.

The critical questions relate to the product, defined in the broadest sense — with today’s connected devices the broad product definition typically includes web services, mobile applications and maybe integration into third party services.

Typical services from making products happen in this phase are to define and deliver activities to develop an understanding of what the product is, the problem it solves, who it is for and how it might be realised.

  • User focused study of product features and benefits
    • What problem does it solve?
    • Who for?
    • strategy | product | technology | businessWho is the end user?
    • How does it fit into the larger ecosystem?
    • What is the proposed business model?
  • Market survey
    • Proof of market
    • Who is the customer?
    • Where are the customers?
    • Competitive landscape
    • Route to market
  • Outline technical objectives and development plan
    • What does the product look like?
    • Development budget

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strategy | product | technology | business