Technical innovation isn’t just about good tech

Clifford Dive
Clifford Dive BA

In the world of technical innovation companies often focus on getting the tech right. Market, user and business model take a back seat. But these “soft” factors are critical in creating a successful business. Ignoring them is likely at the very least to increase time to market  impacting lifetime revenues and cash flow.

Working at the conjunction of customer, product and technology, I define and deliver joined-up business strategy and product direction in roles such as a freelance consultant, interim manager, non-executive director or mentor. With a powerful combination of technical and business understanding and breadth of experience, I can help you to realise your vision.

Learning from experience

I have worked for more than 30 years at management team level on the leading edge of electronic and software innovation in organisations ranging from multinational corporations (including Qualcomm, Cadence and Philips) to technology start-ups and university spin-outs. My deep technical understanding is combined with a breadth of real-life experience leading customer-oriented teams in project delivery, product management and business development.

The strategic know-how gained while managing these diverse teams in a variety of companies and business units has led me to become a firm believer in joined-up business thinking — engineering, user experience, sales, marketing, the CEO and the person who makes the tea are all vitally important, and they all need to be working together on the same mission as a true team.


Over many years in business I have built up a valuable network of industry contacts — individuals and companies whose expertise can help you to achieve success.

Working together

I bring my skills and experience to work as a part of your team, motivated by your success. If you think I could help you to get the right product to the right customer at the right time then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Cliff is an energetic and creative manager with a keen aptitude for innovation initiatives, whether as a practitioner or an enabler — Ricardo managed Clifford indirectly

Rapid, thoughtful responses to client needs. Available at all hours of day and night. Very hard worker who can be completely relied upon to get things done. Capable of operating at multiple levels from floor to board — Edward was with another company when working with Clifford

Cliff’s unique combination of technical and people management skills, in combination with his understanding of client needs and the ability to communicate at all levels was fundamental to the success of our growth — Mark worked directly with Clifford

Cliff spent a lot of effort building relationships with prospective clients and progressing opportunities. He instigated a sales and marketing group to encourage closer working between the functions and arranged sales training for the company to improve sales awareness and success across the team. He managed the BD process for the consultants. He is always pleasant and cheerful and supportive to colleagues — Berenice worked directly with Clifford

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