With the benefit of broad leadership experience in product innovation underpinned with a solid technical understanding, I help companies to navigate the early phases of the product life-cycle, moving from the original idea strategy | product | technology | businessto lead customers. I can work on a specific project on a freelance basis, in an interim role or in an advisory role as a non-executive director, bringing know-how and experience in shaping and creating a successful product. Central to my approach is the belief that regardless of how good it is technically, a product can only be successful if it attracts end users and there is a viable model to generate not just revenue, but profit.


My breadth of experience is valuable in seeing the big-picture, whether working at a strategic overview level or in specific functional and leadership roles. I have substantial real-world experience in companies ranging from small start-ups to some of the world’s leading technology companies:

  • Business management – strategic planning, financial management, team management
  • Product management – software, electronics, web, mobile
  • Project management – multi-disciplinary technology developments, hardware, software, user experience, customer support
  • Business development – customer-facing, technically aware, doing what’s required to create profitable business
  • Marketing – creating and articulating the proposition, trade shows (planning, attending, following up), presentations, product collateral, speaking, building networks

Market and technical domains

I am well accustomed to the learning curve required when innovating in new areas. My recent specialist domain experience has been in:

  • Embedded devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Wireless and cellular
  • Virtual Reality (VR), 360° video cameras
  • Data visualisation
  • Smart grid, smart home, energy

Project phases

Project phases


Work in this initial phase is not primarily about solving the technical challenge. What is the product, what problem does it solve, and who does it solve it for? Read more


How will the product work, and how does it work as a business? We consider the technical and user viability and plan how to go to market. Read more


Initial technical development to create a minimum viable product in parallel with marketing and thought leadership, so that business is ready to take off just as soon as the first product is available. Read more


Getting maximum customer take up as rapidly as possible. Only now do we begin to see what the customer really wants, and there might be a requirement for a pivot in the product or business model. Read more

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