Development phase

Project phases
Project phases

In the development phase technical work aims to create a product which can reach the market as rapidly as possible. The best approach to this is often to define, scope and develop a minimum viable product. Marketing and business activities proceed in parallel so that the market is prepared.

During this phase making products happen can focus on the following tasks:

  • Marketing
    • Marketing plan
    • Launch and promotion events and trade shows
    • Lead generation
    • Thought leadership and positioning
    • Product collateral
  • strategy | product | technology | businessProduct management
    • Specification and road map
    • Documentation
    • Support plan
  • Technology management
    • Build development team
    • Project management
    • Verification and test
    • IP
  • Business
    • Team growth
    • Business plan
    • Funding
    • Commercial partnerships

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strategy | product | technology | business