Blendology is a startup offering an innovative professional networking solution, using a purpose-designed short-range wireless device allowing people to exchange contact details in an instant.

My role

I joined Blendology immediately after its first deployment, with a primary objective of growing the business to the point of sustainable revenue. In addition to managing day-to-day sales and marketing I also:

  • acted as project manager for the technical team coordinating the embedded development, database and user interface using an agile methodology
  • provided operations management for event deployments both in preparation  phase and on site service delivery
  • contributed towards the business plan and investment activities


I devised a number of the technical features of the product, and provided major input to user experience features and product road map.

My most significant contribution was to initiate a radical change in business model from product to service as a result of developing a deep understanding of customer needs. I was then able to execute a targeted marketing campaign and grow the customer demand to the point where the company was utilising its full delivery capacity and had an ongoing sales pipeline.

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