Wending our way to the West Country – Day 6

Holeacre to Chulmleigh, crossing Dartmoor

This was certainly not the most direct route to our destination but with most of the day free before we were due to arrive at Chulmleigh, we decided to drive across Dartmoor.

Nice place for a spot of lunch

The first challenge was to find our way to bigger roads from the country lane location of the
campsite. The planned route very nearly worked, but not quite – the lanes were narrow and sometimes steep but, within yards of the big road we were aiming for, we were stuck. The road was fine, but were foiled by a parked BMW. Fortunately we had space to turn around and backtrack to find another route, with the bonus of a secluded spot for lunch.

The trip across the moor took us through the different countryside of high and low levels, cows, ponies and sheep.

We had one remaining navigational challenge – a major road closure near Chulmleigh. Very careful planning on the GPS paid dividends, and as if by magic, we arrived at Chulmleigh.