Wending our way to the West Country – Day 2

Ovington to Bransgore

The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

At the time when I lived in the area in the late 1960s Lord Montagu’s collection was just achieving some prominence. Since then the collection has grown, and a new generation has taken over, but the museum still feels similar to what I remember from 50 years ago. The little land-train has been replaced by a monorail, and there’s a pretty awful Top-Gear display outside the main museum, but otherwise it’s a fantastically broad-ranging collection of cars and motorbikes.

The New Forest Caravan and Motorhome Club Site

The Caravan Club sent us a voucher for a free night at one of their sites, so this seemed a good opportunity to make sure we didn’t forget to use it. Just 17 miles from Beaulieu, we parked up in the sunshine to have a cup of tea and a cake, and do absolutely nothing. Good value as a free night, and it’s a well equipped site but the normal price of £33.70 for two of us for a single night seems a little steep.

Getting your bits in order

Both the main clubs still haven’t got their heads around proper WiFi provision. They charge quite a lot (I’ve forgotten exactly how much) and the connection speed is pretty useless as you can see from this test. Web browsing worked fine, but it proved pretty useless trying to do anything else. I guess I’m probably not typical, but for me a decent internet connection at a camp site is more interesting than a mains power connection.