Wending our way to the West Country – Day 1

Bury St Edmunds to Ovington

This is the first leg on our trip to Devon. We’re again cultivating the art of slow travel. We could get to our destination in a day, but why rush? We used to live in Winchester, so we decided to head that way for our first night stop. Town or country? That hadn’t been decided.

By the time we’d done all the last-minute stuff it was late morning before we left home, so lunch was calling as we rounded Royston. In decades of making that journey, we’d often noticed a big area of heath to the south of the A505, but we’d never stopped there. Turns out it’s called Therfield Heath, and we stopped in the slightly scruffy car-park near the sports centre. It would be a great place to go if you happen to be travelling with a dog, or even a horse – the heath is spacious, and for us it was a pleasant enough lunch spot. We took the opportunity to decide on a destination for our night stop, and chose the Bush Inn at Ovington, near Winchester.

The Bush Inn

Overnight at the Bush Inn

Situated on the River Itchen at the end of a quiet road in the village of Ovington, the Bush was an idyllic place for a walk along the river followed by a meal on a gloriously warm evening at an outside table in the garden, right by the river. The food was good, and the welcome welcoming. The clientele seemed pretty well-off, and the prices reflected that.

Our overnight stay in a corner of the car-park was as peaceful as anyone could wish.