Back on track?

Near the end of the 2018 Colchester Half Marathon

After my bad back panic of last week I did no training until Saturday – a whole six days without a run. The run on Saturday was a purposely warm and gentle 30 minutes on the treadmill. Pleasingly I didn’t feel my back at all, so my problem, whatever it was, had gone away as rapidly as it came.

So how to get back into a training routine? Since my treadmill running had been fine, I concluded that the week off would be the equivalent of a taper before an event, so why not go for a long run? So yesterday I set off at what I thought was a suitably gentle pace for my now regular 27km long run. I was having to guess at the pace, because the strap on my Fitbit had broken (as it does once a year).

My legs were feeling much less fatigued than they had in my recent weeks of intensive training, my back was comfortable, and at around five miles or so I was feeling good. There was even a bit of sunshine.

I always find the last 3 or 4 miles (the bit after I’ve done half marathon distance) of the my long run pretty tough, physically and particularly mentally, but this was something else. I was able to keep jogging, just about, one foot in front of the other, but it sure wasn’t pretty.

I’m still not sure what was going on –

  • had I gone too fast at the start?
  • was I still suffering from the after-effects of my cold?
  • did a week without running really have that much effect on my endurance?

Lots of questions and no real answers. I’m hoping that at I have at least gained something useful by experiencing those few miles of very tired running – could be useful in London.

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